How to find function domains, and help finding slope of aline?

I'm having trouble finding the domain of functions. Could someone kindly explain how to get the domains of these functions to me;

Question 1:
f(x) = x^2 - 9

Question 2:
f(x) = | 48 - x |

Question 3:
f(x) = 8
x + 9

Does Question 3 equal x is a real number and x cannot equal -9?

Also I had a quick question regarding the slope of a line. I found the slope but it equals -10.5/20 do I divide from there to find the slope because then it would give me -0.525 and for some reason that doesn't look right to me.

1. All Real
2. All Real
3. X cannot be -9

You need to post the full question so I can help.


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